Space for Cities

Satellite applications for infrastructure maintenance in cities

Stavanger, Norway, 28 September 2017, 13:30 - 15:00


The Report of the Eurisy session, including the main conclusions and reccomendations, is available at this link: Satellite applications for infrastructure maintenance in cities

Nordic Edge Expo is the largest Smart City meeting place in the Nordics. It covers a broad range of smart city themes and showcases both best practices and solutions addressing the urban challenges that most cities and communities face.


The Eurisy session gave an overview of available satellite-based services to improve city management.

Also, it showcased the experience of two cities using satellite-based services to become more efficient and sustainable. These experiences were analysed highlighting the added-value of the satellite-based services used, their transferability to other cities, the challenges encountered to use such technologies, and the opportunities to access and improve satellite services in cities.

Target audiences

The Session targeted local and regional decision-makers, private companies, research centres and academia providing smart management solutions in cities.

City representatives were able to value their interest in the solutions presented by their peers, and to understand what would be the costs, challenges and benefits of adopting similar solutions;

Private companies were able to value the demand for these services in the Nordics, and get familiar with support and funding opportunities to develop new services based on satellites;

Research centres and academia were informed of the needs of cities that could be addressed using technologies relying on satellites and will get inspiration for their future R&D activities.

Session Outline

13:30 - 14:00      Keynotes

Anja Strømme, Norwegian Space Centre

Satellites for Smarter Societies

Grazia Fiore, Research and Project Coordinator, Eurisy

Overview of available satellite-based services for European cities

John Dehls, Norwegian Geological Survey

New developments in the use of remote sensing data for soil monitoring

14:00 - 14:10        Coffee Break

14:10 - 14:55      User Session

The City of Diemen has an extensive experience in using satellite data to monitor soil subsidence and prioritise infrastructure maintenance works. Lemvig Water and Spilldevand is a supply company  owned by the Municipality of Lemvig. They use satellite imagery to optimise maintenance of water and wastewater pipelines.  

The two city representatives shared their experience with the cities present at the Nordic Edge Expo coping with their same problems. They discussed the solutions they have tested and reflected on how satellite applications can help them improve their work and optimise the use of available resources. An expert on satellite data for infrastructure management contributed to the discussions within the session.

Ron Kaptijn, Department of Spatial Management, Municipality of Diemen (The Netherlands)

Monitoring soil subsidence and optimising maintenance work with the support of satellite imagery

Lars Nørgård Holmegaard, Lemvig Water and Wastewater, Municipality of Lemvig (Denmark)

Using satellite imagery to optimise maintenance work of water and wastewater pipelines

Expert: John Dehls, Researcher at the Norwegian Geological Survey

14:55 - 15:00      Conclusions and wrap up

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