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To ensure that satellite services are fully used, good communication between space and non-space actors is key. Eurisy informs user communities of relevant satellite services, builds networks outside the space sector, and provides feedback to its members.

One of the most effective ways to build awareness is to disseminate success stories. Eurisy documents the experience of early adopters of satellite services. Success stories are then communicated to potential new adopters working in the same field, or facing similar challenges. This is done in part through workshops, conferences, case-studies, online and in printed publications. By documenting user experiences, Eurisy also identifies obstacles in the take-up of services, and emerging demand. This information is then communicated back to the space sector.

Pioneering public authorities, agencies and SMEs from across Europe share their hands-on experience, to inspire their peers to follow suit. It is not about the technology; it is about how end-users make it work for them. Over the years this work has resulted in Europe’s largest database of users' testimonials on operational satellite services:

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Eurisy is always looking for new collaborations to help bridge space and society. Do you use any satellite applications in your daily job, or know someone who does? Let us know and we may feature it on our website!

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