Copernicus Hackathon Cork

Selection Board

The Selection Board of the Hackathon includes representatives from the organiser, local partners and supporting entities.

Rimal Abeed, PhD student, Atmospheres, Environments, Space ObservationsLaboratory (LATMOS)

George Bulman, Operations Manager, Rubicon Incubation Centre, Cork Institute of Technology

Jim Casey, Chartered Engineer, Coastal Section, Oifig na nOibreacha Poiblí / Office of Public Works, Government of Ireland

Elise Coutarel, Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork Institute of Technology

Piera Di Vito, Technical Officer, European Space Agency

Robin Expert, Startup Ecosystem Manager, Sobloo / Airbus

Grazia Fiore, User Programme Coordinator, Eurisy             

Mike Forde, National Space Centre          

Alan Giltinan, Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork Institute of Technology

Bruce Hannah, National Space Centre   

Stavri Nikolov, Founding Director, Digital Spaces Living Lab (DSLL)                 

Niall Smith, B.Sc., Ph.D., MIAU, Head of Research / Head of Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork Institute of Technology  

Jean-Jacques Tortora, Secretary General, Eurisy    

Evaluation Criteria

The solutions presented to the selection board shall be evaluated based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Relevance to the hackathon topics. Weight: 25%
  • Interest of the project (Is the project innovative? Does it create value for the users? Is it feasible technically?). Weight: 50%
  • Quality of the team (Technical and business expertise, understanding of the thematic area, commitment to the project). Weight: 25%


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  Organiser:                                                                    Local partners: 


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