Malta App Challenge

Unlike most hackathons, with this App Challenge we will reward creative ways of making the technology work for the end-user, not the technology in itself. In the case of the Environment challenge, during the needs scoping exercise, MEPA will tell you about their needs, but will not prescribe the solutions. In the case of the StartAPP 2.0 challenge, start-ups must anchor their proposals in solid market research.

Coming up with unexpected solutions is part of the game: Think beyond the technology!

Evaluation shall be based on the following criteria:

  • Potential usefulness and impact: What is the likelihood of the prototype leading to a positive impact in civil society, the public or the private sector? Will it potentially benefit more than one stakeholder, directly or indirectly?

  • Problem-solving and creativity:  Have you come up with an innovative way of combining data sources, location and satnav, non-technology solutions (design, behaviour insights, marketing strategies etc.) and any other ressources to solve a problem? NB: at least 1 satellite dataset should be part of the final solution. The use of GPS and LBS is strongly encouraged.
  • Implementation: How easy to use is the application likely to be? Is information presented to the user in an appealing and useful way?

    NB. at least one satellite data source should be used as part of the solution. The use of satnav and LBS is strongly encouraged.