Space Community

Space Community

Space Community

The space community (government agencies, industry, downstream service providers) agrees on the need to engage end-users from outside the space sector in a dialogue about how space can respond to socio-economic and environmental problems, today, and in the future.

Indeed, while R&D are indispensable to advance Europe’s space programme, they are not sufficient on their own. The innovative products and services that result from R&D must make their way to the market, and reach a critical mass.

Members of the space community who work with Eurisy share a common understanding of the necessity to make space better known to the civil society, and the applications resulting from investments in space more widely adopted in professional practices, so that European investments in space, notably in Galileo or Copernicus but also satcoms, bring the expected returns.

"Eurisy was created to support peaceful uses of space for the development of European society, and it has certainly done so, establishing itself as a useful forum for exchanges of views and open debates. [...] The world is changing rapidly, and has become ever more dependent on space applications, increasing the importance of organisations like Eurisy in Europe."
Jean-Jacques Dordain, Former Director General of the European Space Agency


Civil society outreach

Eurisy complements existing outreach activities of its members and partners, by:

  1. reaching professional end-users from outside the satellite applications value-added chain
  2. raising awareness on operational, downstream geospatial services that are already used operationally by early adopters
  3. working on the demand-side rather than the production-side downstream services

It is a visionary goal because it acknowledges that while short-term interests for project and business development are necessary, so is a longer term view to preparing society welcome current and future developments resulting from Europe’s space programme.

Bottom-up feedback

Based on its work with end-users, Eurisy provides the space community with bottom-up feedback on what hinders and what favours the process of diffusion of space-related innovation within society.

Through exchanges with the end-users, Eurisy picks up non-technological obstacles to geospatial service diffusion within society: be they related to missing or inadequate functionalities of the downstream services relative to end-user needs; end-users’ assessments and perceived risk in adopting them; organisational and process-related difficulties related to information-sharing mechanisms among end-user communities; cost and access to finance; funding, regulation, an any other mechanisms available to policy makers to enable end-user communities to use geospatial services.

Such bottom-up feedback, as formalized in Eurisy’s reports, articles, responses to public consultations and Position Papers (among others), can help the space community in piloting Europe’s space programmes by better taking into account the point of view of end-user communities. (see Eurisy’s previous publications)

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