Support for Public Authorities

Support for Public Authorities

Support for Public Authorities

Local administrations are in a privileged position to drive innovation on their own territories. Regions and cities can ensure that innovative geospatial services benefit their territories by:

  • using geospatial services to make better-informed decisions about their territory, to improve or create new public services;
  • sharing geospatial information with agencies, firms, industry, academia and their citizens, and acting on it collectively;
  • introducing new technological standards through procurement or regulations;

Since 2006 - the beginning of Eurisy's User Programme of Support to Local and Regional Authorities, Eurisy has developed solid relations and has worked with a large number of regions, cities, and their associations.

The Committee of the Regions is committed to promoting the involvement of cities and regions in innovation policy and European initiatives to create growth and jobs. Since 2007, when the Committee of the Regions started its fruitful collaboration with Eurisy, I have seen Eurisy make a significant contribution to raising public awareness of how innovative satellite applications can contribute to growth and jobs in European Regions. I have especially appreciated Eurisy’s pioneering work in disseminating good practice examples from innovative local and regional authorities and encouraging exchanges between them.
Gerhard Stahl, Secretary General, Committee of the Regions

European Projects

Eurisy helps local and regional authorities explore and evaluate how operational geospatial services can help them in their current objectives and activities – be they EU or locally-funded.

Eurisy helps local and regional authorities network with peers who already use geospatial services, as well as with experts from government institutions, agencies, industry, academia. We also help disseminate the efforts and results of such pioneering regions and cities through Eurisy’s European network.

This is offered free of charge to interested local, regional authorities, and project consortia of regions. See how Eurisy is financed.

The Province of Flevoland has worked closely with Eurisy within two successive INTERREG projects we lead: More4NRG (2009-2011) and Regions4GreenGrowth (2012-2014). Eurisy has supported both projects by opening up perspectives on how the Partners involved could benefit from innovative satellite applications in reaching the projects’ and their own objectives. Through engaging and interesting work formats (workshops, scoping exercises), Eurisy has brought both projects an innovative edge that we hadn’t considered before. I believe I can speak for all partners in saying we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Eurisy!
Jan-Nico Appelman, deputy Commissioner of the King, Province of Flevoland, The Netherlands

Informative, practical, and fun events

Eurisy designs and produces – in partnership with local and regional authorities – public events on their thematic interests (territorial planning, transport, risk management etc), focusing on innovation driven by the use of relevant geospatial services.

Events can be stand-alone conferences, smaller practical (and sometimes playful!) workshops, or information sessions embedded in the local and regional authorities’ own events.

Eurisy’s events bring together professionals that are open and curious to learn new things from their peers and from people from a different professional background. The focusing more on practices and less on products or the technology itself, in order to promote an accessible, realistic message on geospatial services that work for users.

See past events we have co-organised with Local and Regional Authorities.

Dissemination and feedback

On the basis of Eurisy's work with regions and cities, we provide feedback to decision-makers on their success stories, and on ways to make geospatial services resulting from public investments more accessible to the users.