The Hubert Curien Award 2020

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Hubert Curien Award! 

The Hubert Curien Award is a historic biennial Eurisy endeavour commemorating the legacy of its founding father. The prestigious Award recognises outstanding efforts to help society benefit from space. Every two years, a high-level international jury selects a winner among a list of nominated candidates. Any person or organisation which has demonstrated dedication in the field of international cooperation in space science and technology, or in the promotion of space applications and their benefits to society, is eligible for a nomination.

The award reaches its 9th edition this year.  


Hubert Curien

Professor Hubert Curien, sometimes referred to as the spiritual father of European space, was active as President of CNES and in ESA before becoming minister of Science and Space in France. As the Founding President of Eurisy in 1989, Hubert Curien painted the visionary picture of a new generation of cross-sector scientists who would “go beyond their own specialisation” and “aim to encompass the whole complexity of human, cultural, environmental systems in which society evolves”, in order to “provide decision-makers as well as citizens with the indispensable elements for big society choices”. By acting collectively to bridge space and society, Eurisy preserves and carries forward this vision.


"Creating public awareness of the importance of these issues and informing young people in particular of the humanly and vocationally rewarding prospects offered by satellite systems: these are the tasks assigned to Eurisy."